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Did you know we can move sheds? Toolboxes? equipment?  In the towing industry, it is not just about towing vehicles.

Once these items are moved they can be put down anywhere you desire.  We are able to more items, with what we call our  “Rotator”.

Meet Ms. Shelby….our greatest piece of heavy recovery equipment.  This truck is amazing!!!! It has a 65 ton crane that can extend 42 feet out from the rotator.

Please come on down to Arts Towing for a tour of our rotator….it will be our pleasure to share it with you.

The towing department is open 24 hours.  We can tow or transport any vehicle from light duty, medium  to heavy duty.  We can also tow motorcycles, bob cats, scissor-lifts, equipment, tool boxes, furniture, 4-wheelers, limos, jet skies, trailers, cow boxes, and so much more.



Please contact us at:  (508) 473-5232 or info@artstowing.com

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